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1:24 RC Carnival
Comp Rules

Rules being used at 2023 Horizon RC Fest and Axialfest Badlands

  • Win by having the fastest time

  • 10 Second Penalty for hitting Gates

  • 5 Gate Hits in a row is grounds for disqualification (to stop people from trying to speed through hitting every gate hoping to win)

  • 15 Second Penalty for Hand of God

  • 4 Minute Max Run - we want to encourage people to get a time, but limit runs to 4 minutes to keep things moving.

  • Minimum Gate Width is 6.5" (wider based on difficulty of gate)

  • Can only enter each truck 1x, but you can run more than one truck per class-just has to be a different build. This will be limited based on amount of entries and time remaining. 

Horizon RC Fest Info: Click Here

Axialfest Badlands Info: Click Here


Because the 1:24 is not the main attraction of the event and there will be many people with varied abilities–many who have never comp'd before–the goal is to make it a bit like a carnival attraction. Everyone can have fun and see what kind of time they can put down. Because there is the potential for large crowds, we need a way to speed it up and allow for as many people as possible to participate. That's why the goal is to have the fast time. We'll still have gates that should make it fun and test your abilities, but you will feel the need to keep moving forward and not stare in amazement at your beautiful slow crawl

The course at Horizon RC Fest will be on the One24MOP course. It is a portable off-road course on a trailer. You can find out more about One24MOP on their Facebook Page. Click Here


Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 2.10.38 PM.png


Stock-ish SCX24

  • The intent is to keep it so that stock trucks can compete, but not force people with minimal changes to be in Mod - Judges have final say on whether it is stock or mod based on intent.

  • Basically can upgrade wheels, tires, and servo (within reason see below)

  • Can remove accessories on Bronco and Gladiator Chassis

  • Must keep plastic stock links

  • Stock axles. No overdrive or CVDs.

  • Stock Motor

  • Can change wheels and tires, but they have to be smaller than the largest stock SCX24 tire. 

  • Rims/Wheels can be aluminum.

  • No brass parts or added weight.

  • Ideally have stock servo, but if it burned up and was replaced with a moderate upgrade, it is ok. No high speed servos.(No NSDRC, REEFs, Mighty Chihuahua, MofoRC Servo beast, etc...think plastic case and under $30).

  • Shocks must be in standard location.

  • Must have stock bumpers

  • 2s Lipo max

Stock-ish AX24

  • Intent is to be close to stock, with a few changes that many make right out of the box or after a breakage.

  • Can change wheels and tires. Tires must be the same size or smaller than the largest AX24 stock tire.

  • Stock chassis, motor, electronics and shocks. Battery must be in stock location. No chassis or shock mods.

  • Servo can be changed within reason...(no NSDRC, REEFs, Mighty Chihuahua, MofoRC Servo beast, etc...think plastic case and under $30).

  • No Brass or added weights

  • 2s Lipo

Modified 1:24 Scale

  • Must have 1.0” wheels.

  • No 4 wheel steer. (There is a class for that)

  • Brushless or Brushed.

  • No Weight Restrictions.

  • No body or bumper restrictions - can be a cage/bodiless style chassis.

  • Wheel wideners allowed

  • 2-4s Lipo

  • 1:18 vehicles (excluding the large UTB18 allowed only at Horizon RC Fest. Axialfest will only be for SCX24 and AX24 based RCs. 

Modified 1:24 4WS

  • Go crazy.

  • Must have 4WS (4 wheel steer).

  • Must have 1.0” wheels.

  • No Tires taller than 3” (have to put an end to it somewhere).

12 & Under Stock SCX24

  • Same rules as Stock SCX24 but you have to be 12 or younger.

  • Use your own or use one provided.


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