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CCxRC™ is "RC Entertainment for the Masses™" by Tony Cece and his family. From the skies to the trails, CCxRC provides quality RC videos geared for fast action bashing fun all the way down to the slow crawling trail trucks. You didn't think they made motors that could handle all of that, but that is what powers our RC passion (and slight addiction).


Subscribe to learn from my RC mistakes and revel in my successful beginner's luck as we explore this amazing hobby together. You'll see run videos, tips & Trips, how to videos, enjoy live hangouts together as a community and much more. Jump on over to the comments or the CCxRC Google+ page to ask questions, share your thoughts and ideas, or request topics for future videos. One person may be making the videos, but CCxRC is about expanding the RC universe.


Thanks for watching,

Tony - CCxRC

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