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The CCxRC babyGOLIATH™ motor is a 050 can with a .3mod 11 tooth brass pinion that will direct swap with the stock Axial SCX24 motor.  It has the same mounting holes as the SCX24 and pinion size. The goal is to maximize torque while having just enough wheel speed to still climb hills and bounce over trick obstacles. I feel like we've accomplished that with the babyGOLIATH™ in a way that doesn't require you to change motor mounts, pinion sizes, or ESCs. 




If you want a different pinion size, head over to MOFO RC where he sells all kinds of SCX24 hop ups. He has an adjustable motor mount and larger pinions to really customize your experience. 



CCxRC babyGOLIATH™ Brushed 050 Motor

  • Please note that this store was created because people were asking for products. Family, my day job & YouTube are my first priorities. I am not Amazon. I am one man doing many things and I may be out of town for work when a product is ordered that may delay shipment. When an instance arises where I might not be able to ship it within 3 days, I'll try to reach out and let you know why.  Thank you for understanding.

  • All sales are final. No returns. If you there is a problem with the product upon arrival, please contact me via the Contact page found under the ABOUT menu at the top and I'll work to make it right.

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