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9"x12" Small Screw Catcher Work Mat:


CowRC continues to set the industry standard in RC Pit Mats featuring the Strongest Reverse Magnetic sheeting in the industry specifically made for CowRC. We've broken the mold offering even more exclusive options in 2022 to help your next Screw Catcher Work Mat "WORK" even harder for you!


CowRC’s Screw Catcher Work Mat has got your back; keeping your routine organized and your emergency RC project needs ready to go. Whether you are at home, in the pits, or at the kitchen table; RC maintenance can be detail oriented, necessitate efficiency, and be prone to screws and parts being lost in the tussle. Designed with the RC enthusiast in mind, CowRC has created the Screw Catcher by combining functionality, looks, and durability into one multi-purpose work surface that will not let you down. Keep your workspace organized and put an end to lost and dropped screws today!


Now, check out what’s new with the Screw Catcher Work Mat collection:


  • CCxRC Graphic 
  • High Gloss Stain Resistant Laminate option: Write & Erase with any dry-erase marker!


Product Specifications

  • 6 mil fully magnetic sheeting
  • Stain resistant matte white work surface
  • No obtrusive logos or graphics for ultimate visibility
  • ¼" closed cell 4 lb industrial grade foam pallet.
  • Roll ability - Not Recommended


Please review the included Care & Maintenance Guide to ensure the highest performance and longest possible lifespan of your Screw Catcher Work Mat. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 100% made and hand assembled in the U.S.A.

COWRC Small Screw Catcher Work Mat

SKU: CPM-M12018248CCxRC
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