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  • 28mm ID - Injora and CCxRC wheels
  • 31mm ID - Treal wheels


Tested with RC4WD Scramblers and LGRP Trench Kings.
Use other tires at your own risk.


There are two options available for these Large Pine Trees tire inserts because there are different size diameters for 1.0" wheels. In order to simplify things, I'm only offering them for the two of the most popular size wheels–28mm Injora wheels and 31mm Treal wheels. Other wheels may fit, but you will have to measaure the outer diameter of your beadlock ring to know.  My brass wheels on this site work great with the Injora size inserts. 


For my sanity, I have them in two colors: Teal and Lime. Teal rhymes with Treal, so that is the easy way for me to know the difference when I get your order. 


These were made to fit the RC4WD Scrambler tires to my liking for width and outer diameter to allow for an air gap. To work properly, your tires should be vented (I use a belt punch to do mine, but you can also use a drill or soldering iron tip to melt a small hole).  It has been well documented that these are my favorite tire. I have also run them with success in my Little Guy Racing Trench King tires and like them as well.  They will fit in tires of similar size, but I cannot say how they will perform as I haven't tested them. 


If you are looking for 1/24 tire inserts in various sizes, check out Flub RC. They make the highest quality inserts I've tried and size them specifically for each tire and wheel combo.  


Here are the approximate dimensions of the Lare CCxRC Pine Trees Tire inserts:


INJORA / CCxRC Inserts: 28mm Inner Diameter, 53mm Outer Diameter, 15mm Width

TREAL Inserts: 31mm Inner Diameter, 53mm Outer Diameter, 15mm Width



CCxRC Pine Trees 1.0" Large Tire Inserts for Scramblers or Trench Kings

  • Please note that this store was created because people were asking for products. Family, my day job & YouTube are my first priorities. I am not Amazon. I am one man doing many things and I may be out of town for work when a product is ordered that may delay shipment. When an instance arises where I might not be able to ship it within 3 days, I'll try to reach out and let you know why.  Thank you for understanding.

  • All sales are final. No returns. If you there is a problem with the product upon arrival, please contact me via the Contact page found under the ABOUT menu at the top and I'll work to make it right.

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