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An RC Overdose! Horizon RC Fest 2021 Day 1

Looking for that next RC fix? Do you want to be overwhelmed by all things RC? Look no further than Horizon RC Fest at Eli Field in Monticello, Illinois. You will overdose on the RC experience!

2021 was my second experience with Horizon RC Fest and it did not disappoint. In fact, they raised the bar another level for the event. The attractions were very similar, but they make them bigger and better and fine tuned the guest experience. The RC Airstrip was top notch once again with top tier pilots putting on a show, the crawler area expanded, the figure 8 area was nicely developed and made for some great toll booth racing, the basher park saw a huge upgrade with massive dirt jumps, the off-road racing included 5th scale, and the RC monster truck racing was the highlight for me.

I go for the whole experience, but being able to race RC monster trucks puts the event over to top for me. I didn't do awesome this year with most of my race trucks, but I did get 2nd in the LMT class. The Freestyle RC boys were really fast in Pro-mod this year and their new Rapid X 2.0 was getting blazing times. Josh Rhodes was super fast in the retro class both days and Josh Williams was unstoppable in the LMT class.

This year I was able to sneak away from the monster truck racing to do the crawler comp and get in on one of the figure 8 toll booth races. The Figure 8 toll booth was crazy fun as the guys from Freestyle RC raced as well, stacking the track with solid axle trucks.

You'll have to watch that video to see the carnage and who won.

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