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Spektrum Smart G2 Pro Basher Batteries

Looking to give your ARRMA bash vehicles a kick in the long run-time pants? Spektrum now has you cover. Their latest Smart G2 Pro Basher Lipo batteries have a 120C discharge rate and huge capacity–dare I say ginormous capacity! They've got offerings for all your bashing needs. The new batteries are all protected in hard cases, with battery cables that can pivot easily for multiple mounting options. Like other Smart G2 batteries it has features we've come to love: Auto discharge to storage mode, automatic charging when plugged into a Smart charger, 5C charge rates, and data logs the amount of charge cycles.

There's too many new options to talk about each one, but I'll list a few of the standouts for me. First, the 3s 6800mah 120C works great in the 3S BLX Arrma Senton, and can be used in the 4s lineup, or doubled up and used in the 6s ARRMA.

Second, the 4s 6800mah 120C battery that can be used in the 4S, 6s, and 8S ARRMA vehicles and also work great in a Losi DBXLE.

The third shining star for me is the 6s 6800mah 120C that can be used in the 6s BLX lineup and the Infraction, Felony, and Limitless. To use them you do have to remove the plastic battery guide that easily pops out of those vehicles, but once you do it is a snug fit.

One other battery that peaked my interest, but for a totally different use is the 14000Mah 3S 120C battery that I think would be good for long walks with an SCX6. You have to remove one end of the battery tray, but then you will have power for hours. So if you like to take long walks in the woods with your SCX6, this might be perfect for you.

Here are the specs on the entire lineup and their cost. Click on the item to link directly to the product page for more info.




6200mAh 7.4V Smart Pro Basher LiPo 120C; IC5


14000mAh 3S 11.1V Smart Pro Basher LiPo 120C; IC5


6800mAh 3S 11.1V Smart Pro Basher LiPo 120C; IC5


​10000mAh 4S 14.8V Smart Pro Basher LiPo 120C; IC5


​6800mAh 4S 14.8V Smart Pro Basher LiPo 120C; IC5


​6800mAh 6S 22.2V Smart Pro Basher LiPo 120C; IC5


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