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Furitek Rampart 1/24 Monster Truck Kit

Furitek continues to push the bar in the 1/24th scale RC world and their latest drop is no exception. The Furitek Rampart Monster Truck is a chassis kit that comes with several CNC Aluminum parts: Chassis, Steering Links, Servo/shock mount, and Transmission Mount. It is available in Red, Black, and Green options for $199.99. This also includes 8 plastic friction shocks, front and rear axles, links, and metal driveshafts. You will need to add your own ESC, motor, transmission, wheels, tires, receiver, and transmitter.

The axles are similar to the ring and pinion differential found in the ECX Barrage, Element RC Enduro 24, and RGT 24th scale axles, but with one important upgrade– steel ring and pinion gears. This is to help it withstand the power of the brushless motor.

This setup is designed to work with the Furitek Godzilla motor and Rocketman transmission that is powered a Furitek Lizard Pro ESC. I have been testing their early prototype of this vehicle, motor, transmission, and esc and found it to be very fast and a lot of fun to drive. With the Godzilla motor, I was doing wheelies, backflips, and even backflip to moonwalk maneuvers with this little guy.

The best feature of this over a worm gear style axle is the rollout when you release the throttle. The worm gear likes to act as a brake and slow your momentum–sometimes very quickly.

This setup that Furitek is offering will help make it easier for some people to get into this mini monster truck craze by simplifying the build list. The one question mark part will still be wheels and tires, but Mofo RC is working on making that easier for us with his wheels and tires that are going into production.

I'm excited about this new release from Furitek and their willingness to help advance the 1/24th scale monster trucks. We have some great companies out there making amazing products for us to build from. This will be the easy way to get axles with diffs for smooth driving.

They are available for Pre-order on the Furitek site right now from the links below.


Yes, this is a lot of money to spend on a 1/24 scale RC. BUT...this is for a fully upgraded RC. Many spend $500-600 for a 1/10 RC Monster Truck and then upgrade it until it's over $1,000 invested. So comparing the fully upgraded 1/24 scale truck to stock 1/10 prices isn't a fair comparison. But yes, it is a lot of money. Unfortunately there isn't anyone making 1/24 scale monster trucks RTR in large quantities to bring the price down. But if they did, many people would probably drop more on upgrades and end up around this range over time.

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Ben Griffith
Ben Griffith
27 abr 2022

Is it possible to run the godzilla motor on a different mount? Is the komodo motor mount the only mount that makes the godzilla work? The reason I ask is because I'm getting the black rampart kit so I wanted to use the little guy racing transmission and either a black or silver motor plate to keep it all one color scheme. I plan on getting the the black reefs 99 micro servo as well for the same reason.

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