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Losi LMT Mega Trucks Are Ready To Get Messy!

losi lmt mega truck king sling bog hog

Losi has done it again–they released another pair of wicked LMTs–the LMT Mega Trucks. This time they are sporting licensed Mega Truck tires underneath either a King Sling or Bog Hog body. I had the privilege of working on their product video for them down at Dennis Anderson's Muddy Motorsports park and can say that they are an absolute blast to drive and took a beating.

One of the big changes to the truck is the extended wheelbase. Because the LMT Mega has a 2800KV motor instead of the 3150KV in the Monster Truck, it produces more torque–especially given that it can handle 4s power. The lengthened wheel base helps to keep the front end of the truck manageable when the D&D Paddy wheels and tires hook up–and boy do they hook up.

Along with a wheelbase change, they have shorten the front chassis plates to allow more bodies to work with the chassis. They also changed the pivot point to open lift the cage/body to the front so that it now lifts from the rear. Speaking of chassis plates, they also powder coated them to match the color of the full scale trucks' tube chassis. One thing I didn't notice until the other day was that the plastic tube chassis that holds the bodies is not the color of the real trucks like they had done with the Monster Trucks. It's like they reversed it. So both trucks have black upper cages, but powder coated chassis plates. Of the two options, I prefer this as it is more visible than the cage under the body. Like I said, I didn't even notice it until I after the Losi shoot and even after my unboxing video.

Unlike the LMT that had a few issues with the decal color for the Son-uva Digger on the first batch, the LMT Mega paint and decals are fantastic. Both trucks look stunning and very close to the real thing–the Bog Hog even has working lights. It is a bummer that the body mounts for the cage cover over the crowned skull logo on the King Sling truck. It's pretty iconic, but has a bit black button over it. I'm nitpicking at this point, because the trucks are stunning out of the box and deliver instant fun when paired with mud (get permission before you tear up or flood your yard).

If you liked the LMT monster truck, you are sure to love the LMT Mega. You may even want to get the longer links and driveshafts for your monster trucks.

Brand: Losi

Model: LMT Mega Truck

Company: Horizon Hobby

Price: $649.99

Colors: Green King Sling or Orange Bog Hog

Announced: August 11, 2022

Released: soon


Unboxing video with first run footage.

Slow motion run footage.


  • Officially Licensed King Sling and Bog Hog Body

  • Officially Licensed D&D Paddy Tire and Wheel

  • Spektrum™ Firma™ 130A Brushless Smart ESC

  • Spektrum™ Firma™ 3668 2800Kv WP Brushless 4-Pole Motor

  • Spektrum DX3™ DSMR® Smart Transmitter

  • Scale Solid-Axle Housing

  • 1/8 Scale Metal Drive Train with CUSH Drive

  • Powder-Coated Vertical Plate Chassis

  • New Flip Top Cage

  • Long Travel, Oil Filled, Coil-Over Shocks with New Shock Shafts

  • Adjustable Servo Saver


Manufacturer Info:

New, ready-to-run Losi® Mega 4WD trucks with officially licensed Bog Hog and King Sling bodies deliver an experience unlike any other Losi product. Mega trucks resemble monster trucks but use a specific size of tractor tire that allows them to tackle mud bogs, make large jumps, and pound through the nastiest terrain. The Losi Mega truck is a combination of everything drivers want — it’s overpowered, overbuilt, and ready to throw mud everywhere!

Based on the bar-setting LMT chassis, the Losi Mega truck is focused exclusively on the thrill of "sending it" with insane power. It looks just like the real thing. It’s just as impressive as the real thing. And you can drive it just like the real thing! When top real-world drivers Dennis and Weston Anderson get behind the wheel of their 1500+ horsepower, full-sized Mega trucks, they set records for jump distance, lap times, and smiles in the crowd. Whether you’re driving the Bog Hog or King Sling radio control Mega truck, you have the same potency to do insane backflips, skim across the deepest mud puddles, and jump higher and farther than ever before, just like the Andersons.


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