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ARRMA has blasted into 2022 with guns a-blazing–quite literally–with their newest basher offering, the ARA7618 T1/T2 FIRETEAM 6S BLX Speed Assault Vehicle. By definition a fireteam is a four-man military squad that is the building block for all military tactical operations. Hence, the four dudes in the UTV style RC with three of them toting rifles.

This tactical RC offering from ARRMA features the proven speed and handling of their 6s BLX lineup, but adds a cage to increase durability. The wide stance, extra long wheelbase of the Mojave chassis, and softer damping suspension all the mechanical handbrake to send it into a slide on command and perform evasive maneuvers.

In my time with it so far, I've found it to be a very stable vehicle on the ground and in the air. The handbrake definitely adds a fun-factor to the "on the ground" driving of the vehicle, but it is also very controlled in the air. It's like they took the handling of the Talion and combined it with the handbrake from the Infraction and through on a cage for good measure.

The joy of driving this machine and the durability the cage provides is amazing. I've launched it off of wooden ramps, ran it on a 1/8th scale track, bashed in the snow, did power slides on asphalt and had a blast in each element I've put it in.

I'll admit that my first reaction when seeing it was ecstatic, but as I continued through the unboxing, I became a bit more hesitant and curious about how it would handle and how it would be received by people who want another ARRMA big air basher. All of that hesitation went away in the first 2 minutes of driving the car. There are a lot of people out there who will love how this performs–and if you want do do flips with it...they are just a tire change away.

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