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Axial's Giant New 1:6 SXC6 Jeep JLU

Lumbering it's way to the new products list from Axial is the SCX6 Jeep JLU


Axial SCX6 JLU Wrangler 4WD

Price: $1099.00

Buy from Horizon Hobby:

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Axial has been around the RC crawler/trail game for a long time, but this is definitely their biggest release. They will catch some flack about it being a Jeep from the same people that give them a hard time about it on each release. But, with the popularity of Jeep in the 1:1 offroad world, it makes total sense to me. What we're looking at it more than just an larger size SCX10iii. While a lot of it is similar, Axial stepped up the game by making it a sensored brushless RTR.

Speaking of it being a brushless RTR, this SCX6 comes equipped with a sensored Spektrum Firma 120A ESC and a massive 1200KV sensored motor. The two work together to create a buttery smooth driving experience. Because of the smooth power delivery, the SCX6 loves to be filmed and looks very scale on the trail.

Here's my unboxing and first run of the SCX6



At 1/6 scale, the ready-to-run SCX6™ Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD brings a whole new dimension to RC crawling — and Axial® engineers have done it right. Whether you're a fan of full-size Jeep® vehicles, rock crawling, large-scale models, or all of the above, you'll be thrilled by the amount of realistic detail and high-performance functionality found here.

The SCX6™ Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD takes Axial® "scaling" to the next level. Based on the proven SCX10™ III, the SCX6™ chassis might be considered its big brother. It's engineered for extreme durability and performance with AR90 axles. For optimal handling, the chassis has a three-link Panhard front and four-link rear suspension setup. The transmission offers high and low gears out of the box, with a Spektrum™ S614 Metal-Gear Servo included and installed for the two-speed linkage.

While the 1/6 scale size allows more room for impressive detail, the SCX6™ Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD still fits conveniently into the trunk of your car — and most rock gardens and hiking trails provide plenty of exciting challenges to overcome. As you navigate the trails, you'll admire how well the Jeep® JLU Wrangler body reproduces its full-size counterpart. Even the most demanding Jeep® enthusiasts will appreciate the accuracy of the details molded throughout. When the sun goes down, LED headlights and taillights add even more realism.

Massive, 7" tall BFGoodrich® KM3 tires provide excellent grip and ground clearance for dirt, rocks, and all other off-road surfaces. They're mounted on licensed Black Rhino Primm injection-molded, 3-piece beadlock wheels so that the tires can be removed and replaced easily without gluing. Forest, desert, lake, mountains...the SCX6™ Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD is ready to go anywhere.

With the included Spektrum™ DX3™ radio, you'll enjoy the superior range, response, and interference resistance of exclusive DSMR® technology. Together with the installed Firma™ Crawler 120A Smart Sensored-Brushless ESC, it also comes ready to deliver the telemetry advantages of exclusive Spektrum™ Smart technology. Install a Spektrum™ Smart LiPo battery and you can view vehicle battery capacity on the transmitter's voltage level indicator. Outfit the DX3™ with the optional BT2000 Bluetooth module, download the free Spektrum™ Dashboard app to your smart device, and you're ready to use more Smart real-time telemetry — without needing on-board sensors or modules.

With its 1/6 scale size, popular Jeep® styling, and unstoppable Axial® engineering, the SCX6™ Jeep® JLU Wrangler 4WD takes RC scaling to an exciting new level. Just add your choice of suitable battery and take on the rocks!


  • The first ever Axial® 1/6 scale chassis design based on the proven SCX10™ III

  • Includes AR90 "Standard" axles with a heavy-duty spool

  • Metal gear transmission comes configured for two speeds with high and low gears

  • Durable three-link front and four-link rear suspension setup provides optimal handling

  • Replica V8 engine cover adds to the realistic appearance

  • Spektrum™ DX3™ 2.4GHz DSMR® radio provides superior range, response, and interference resistance and is compatible with Smart technology

  • Spektrum™ Firma™ Crawler 120A ESC feeds telemetry data to the DX3™ transmitter in real time

  • Includes a powerful Spektrum™ S905 Large Scale Metal Gear steering servo (also accepts larger 1/5 scale servos with the included adapter)

  • Detailed Jeep® JLU Wrangler body with LED headlights and taillights provides exceptional scale looks

  • High-traction, 7" tall BFGoodrich® KM3 tires are mounted on Black Rhino Primm 3-piece beadlock wheels

  • Battery trays adjust to fit a wide range of battery sizes

  • 2-Year limited warranty (see product manual for details)

More info at Horizon Hobby

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