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KAOS CNC Diff Cover for CEN F450, MT Series, & Q Series Axles

CEN Racing has just announced new KAOS Advanced Tuning CNC Differential cover for DL- Series F450 SD, MT Series & Q Series axles. The come anodized in red or black to add that extra bling to your CEN F450 and Monster Trucks. They are available on the CEN Racing USA site now!

Order the RED diff cover: CLICK HERE

Order the BLACK diff cover: CLICK HERE


CKD0350 Differential Cover (CNC, RED anodized) 1pcs MSRP: $26.99 USD SKU: 4717866253506

CKD0351 Differential Cover (CNC, BLACK anodized) 1pcs MSRP: $26.99 USD SKU: 4717866253513


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