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New 1/24 Items From Pro-line: 1978 Chevy K-10 & Hyrax Tires Mounted on Bead-Loc Wheels

Pro-line has been busy dropping new products steadily throughout 2021. New Hyrax options are one of those items and the 1/24 scale version is the latest to drop. Those 1/24 Hyrax tires are mounted on a mini version of the black Impulse Bead-Loc Wheels that are held together with 3 screws. Alongside the new Hyrax/Impulse combo, they also announced a new 1978 Chevy K-10

Buy the 1/24 Hyrax Tires:

Buy the Chevy K-10 Body:

1/24 Hyrax Product Details

  • Mini version of the extremely successful Hyrax Tires

  • Designed for Maximum Performance on Any Terrain

  • Highly Detailed Sidewall for Scale Looks

  • Mini Version of the Extremely Popular Impulse Wheels

  • True Bead-Loc Wheel Design held Together by 3 Screws

1/24 Chevy K-10 Clear Body Details

  • Amazing Chevy® K-10™ Licensed Scale Looks

  • Realistic 1978 Truck Body in 1:24 Scale!

  • Menacing Front Grill and Iconic Squared Off Fenders

  • Perfect for your SCX24™

  • Made with Crystal Clear Polycarbonate

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