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New Freestyle RC Retro Chassis & LMT LCG Prototype

Freestyle RC was at the NR/CTPA 32nd World Championship this past weekend and brought some new products they are working on. The Retro chassis is definitely unique in the way that Josh created the "link" to stop axle roll, but still allow a lot of shock travel. The design looks really good and in Freestyle RC fashion, it also is built really strong. Hopefully we'll see these available very soon. I know I'll be getting in line to order one.

Josh was also displaying his prototype LMT low center of gravity (LCG) "wings" for the LMT chassis. I call them wings, as I don't have a better way to describe the removable members of the LMT chassis. He'll be making these out of Carbon fiber when they go into production.

Check out all the Freestyle RC has to offer at:

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