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Spektrum Firma Sensored 1/10 Crawler System

Hold on tight and prepare to go.....SLOW and in control! Spektrum's Firma sensored crawler system with SMART Technology will help you crawl like a 10 month old baby...a very smart 10 month old baby ('s waterproof a very smart 10 month old baby that can swim). That SMART Technology will let you program the ESC from a SMART compatible transmitter–like a DX5C, DX5 Rugged, or DX5 Pro.

To get you on the trail as quickly as possible, so you can go as slow as you want, they come ready to install. This means the 60A Sensored BL Smart Crawler ESC has the fan mounted and IC3 connector installed, and the motor already has the bullets soldered on to plug directly into the ESC.

The smarts of this go beyond the SMART Technology, it also has intelligent speed and torque control to help it maintain the RPM levels as the terrain you are on changes. This is coupled with their smart power efficiency that only delivers the power you need for the amount of throttle you are using. This allows for long run times on the trails.

Speaking of power. The ESC also has a BEC you can switch between 6V or 7.4V if your servo can handle 7.4V. Most of my crawlers are running REEFS Triple 5 or Triple 4 servos and I like the extra speed and power I get from 7.4V.

Now that we've covered some of the features of the ESC, lets talk about the 3 motor options available: 1400Kv, 2100Kv, and 2800Kv. All 3 motors are 4-pole 8-magnet rotor design with a 1/8" output shaft and are capable of 2-3s power. The 1400Kv will have more torque with less top-speed and the 2800Kv will have less torque with the most top speed. The 2100Kv sits in the middle and has the best balance of speed and torque–which is probably why they offer that as a combo with the ESC that saves you about $50 over buying the ESC and Motor separately.


If this is the system you have been looking for, I have affiliate links to sites you can order them from (prices may change over time):



  • Smart all-in-one telemetry

  • Pro-level Performance Sensored Motor and ESC

  • Fast, powerful 32-bit ARM M4 processor

  • Multiple options for easy programming:

    • Smart ESC Programming Box (V2 version required)

    • SmartLink USB Updating and Programmer application

    • Programming from Transmitter via Text Gen Telemetry

  • Multi-point protection:

    • Over-current protection

    • Automatic LiPo low-voltage cutoff

    • Thermal protection

    • Failsafe protection

  • Developed and designed by Spektrum™ engineers, in partnership with the industry's leading ESC manufacturer

  • Compact for easy installation in most applications

  • Ready to install — no soldering required

  • Waterproof System

  • Waterproof sensor wire with locking plug and gasket

  • Aluminum heat sink for high efficiency

  • Includes Optional Cooling fan

  • Adjustable high-power BEC (6V or 7.4V)

  • Firmware updatable through the Smart ESC Programming Box (V2 version required)

  • High heat-resistant IC™ connectors, backwards compatible with EC™ connectors

  • Limited 1-year warranty

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