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Stopped By The Showtime Solid Axle Showdown Before Moving To Michigan

This trips has gotten off to a doozy of a start and left me many problems to tackle to keep us moving in the right direction to make it to Michigan in time to close on our house. We stopped at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, VA so I could stop by the Solid Axle Showdown for a few hours before leaving town. It was great to see everyone, but really hard to not get in on the racing action.

Because of projected rain in the area, we decided to leave early because our slideout awning had a leak that makes water pool up on the slideout and come in when we pull. This, of course, makes a huge mess inside to fix. We headed to West Virginia for the night as it was far enough west to avoid the rain and then headed to my Mom's house in Michigan the next day.


00:00 Intro

01:33 Jason Saunders' Custom Built Scorpion

02:08 Freestyle RC Rapid X 2.0

02:19 Tourbillon

03:11 Solid Axle Showdown Footage

04:04 Matt Stottz's Prototype JConcepts MT Tires

04:44 Southwest Monster Shop Micro MT

05:17 Matthew Hall's Virginia Beach Beast Tank

08:24 Wrap Up

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