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TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon First Run on 4s (RAW Footage)

I know you have been waiting to see how the brand new TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon handles in the real world, so I quickly put together some of my raw run footage of it from my phone while bashing at Horizon RC Fest. I listed the recommended electronics systems for it above. I'm running a 1/10 scale system in mine and it still handled really well, but it did get hot after running a full 4s pack through it. If you want to bash and go up to 6s with this, you'll want the 2050kv combo, but they were racing them with the 1900kv combo and had the TQ for the 1/8 scale buggy class and Max Cramer won the class with it as well.

It's a very impressive RC and it has a ton of control. Even with the really loose dirt, it felt very controlled and it is super fun to drive.

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