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TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon Roller: Unboxing, Electronics Installation, & Quick Run

ARRMA teamed up with Team Losi Racing (TLR) to bring us this 1/8th scale race ready TLR Tuned Typhon roller. The first wow factor is the paint job on this beauty. Once you can stop staring at the paint scheme, you quickly notice the TLR Tuned 7075 T6 aluminum anodized shock towers. They are thick and have a lot of adjustability for your shock setup. Below those are the adjustable suspension hangers that have many different inserts (in the box) that you can swap out to tune it for the driving conditions.

Buy a TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon Roller: Click Here

The tires are new multi-terrain DBOOTS Exabyte race compound tires. Taking off the top reveals the TLR Tuned 7075 T6 chassis and steering rack. The Typhon was a pretty well built RTR vehicle in the past and all these upgrades take the TLR Tuned version to the next level.

I am speculating and guessing that the TLR Tuned version is meant to be an offering for the Typhon that is similar to the EXB versions of their other vehicles. With the Typhon, however, they made it strong enough to bash, but tunable enough to race or turn into the crazy high speed vehicle we see people convert Typhons into.

I can't wait to try new electronics in this and see how we can get it to perform. Currently I put in electronics I had with me at Horizon RC Fest in my LMT parts bin. They aren't a perfect setup for a race buggy, but it will get us on the track.

I'll post affiliate links to what I used and some specs from the product page below.

TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon Roller:

Spektrum 3150KV Brushless Motor:

Spetkrum Firma 130a ESC:

Reefs Raw 500 Servo:

TLR® Tuned Features

  • TLR® Tuned 7075-T6 Laser-Etched Aluminum Chassis Plate

  • TLR® Tuned 7075-T6 Laser-Etched Aluminum Front and Rear Shock Towers

  • TLR® Tuned 7075-T6 Laser-Etched Aluminum Steering Rack

  • TLR® Tuned Laser-Etched Aluminum Lower Adjustable Suspension Hangers

  • TLR® Tuned Laser-Etched Aluminum Upper Adjustable Suspension Hangers

  • TLR® Tuned Laser-Etched Aluminum Shock Bodies


  • Strong front and rear composite chassis braces

  • Strong composite chassis side pods

  • Rear suspension dirt guards

  • Oil-filled adjustable shocks

  • Machined tapered shock pistons

  • EXB Extreme Bash shock stand-offs

  • Heavy-duty drivetrain

  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals

  • Durable steel driveshafts throughout

  • Galvanized turnbuckles

  • X-Hard servo saver spring

  • Black anodized aluminum easy-access sliding motor mount

  • Black aluminum servo mount

  • Race Spec high rear wing mount

  • Race Spec tunable rear wing

  • Factory-finished Race Spec body colors and decals

  • dBoots® Exabyte race compound tires

  • Low-drag 1/8 buggy wheels

  • Aluminum 17mm wheel hex

  • 2-year warranty (see website support for details)

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