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Why You Might Want A TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon! It Handles Awesome

I'm catching up on all the footage I shot at Horizon RC Fest just over a week ago. I had a ton of run footage of the TLR Tuned Typhon and decided it was best to do minimal editing to it so that you can see how well it handles and allows you to line up the next jump for a really fun driving experience. This car was given to me by Horizon Hobby to create videos for you and describe my experiences running it. So I handed the controller to others to let them give it a whirl.

I opted to drive it on the bash area "track" they had setup, but to try to fully utilize the jumps and corners they setup to link hits instead of just line up one jump over and over. You can see how little we crashed our first time running it. I say "we" because I handed off the controller to Josh Rhodes, Josh Zimmerman, and Hayden Brandt to try it on the bash area. My first two crashes actually happened because I was trying to whip it and haven’t really learned how to do that.

I'm very impressed by this buggy and think that there will be a lot of people running this platform in the near future.

If you want to know more about the RC or are interested in buying one, I have affiliate links below. They help support my channel, without costing you any extra.

Build a TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon 4s Race Ready or bash ready

🔥 TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon -

🔥 Spektrum 1/8 Scale 130A ESC 1900kv motor combo -

🔥 Spektrum S6260 Servo -

Build a TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon 6s Beastly Basher

🔥 TLR Tuned ARRMA Typhon -

🔥 Spektrum 150a ESC 2050kv motor combo -

🔥 Spektrum S6260 Servo -

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