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Furitek Godzilla Motor & Rocketman Transmission - Monster Power For Mini Monster Trucks

The popularity of the 1:24 Scale RC Monster Trucks has been growing and gaining momentum as more companies release products to help ease the burden of the customization currently required. Now Furitek has released a motor and transmission combo for the SCX24-based conversions that will make adding the power we need even easier. The Godzilla motor is a 4 pole 2030 4000kv sensorless brushless motor with an easy to use JST-PH connector for quick easy connectivity to the ESC. The Rocketman transmission is an aluminum CNC gear box with metal gears, and an aluminum motor mount.

We've been able to make some great looking mini RC monster trucks for over a year now, but figuring out what electronics to use has been confusing. It's one thing to find a motor, then you need the right esc with the right plugs, then you have to find a way to mount it, and finally find a pinion that fits the shaft and has the right pitch. There were easy solutions, like the Surpass 1220 brushless motor with a Furitek Lizard ESC, and it was almost fast enough...but not quite. It would be good for small room indoor racing, but lacked the little extra you'd want to freestyle with it. It would also get pretty warm after a few minutes.

The Furitek Godzilla motor & Rocketman transmission solve a lot of these problems. Especially when they paired with a Furitek Lizard Pro ESC. This solution will make it easy to get the power you need from these tiny monsters. In the Furitek Mini Monster truck that I've been testing, it performs great and has plenty of power to freestyle, backflip, and even do moonwalks.

VIDEO: First backflip to moonwalk using the Furitek Godzilla and Rocketman

As you can see in the stat photo below, the motor can handle 2-3s lipo. In my testing of the system, 2s has provided plenty of power and is already hard to control at full throttle in a small space. 3s would get insane (make sure your esc can handle 3s).

VIDEO: Torque testing for wheelies and stoppies

VIDEO: Speed testing indoors

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