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Can I Comp Crawl? I Give It A Try At Reaction RC Hobbies

Dominic and I headed down to Reaction RC Hobbies for their Charity Crawl Comp with Lawndart Motorsports. Great to spend some one-to-one time with my son and also participate in local RC activities. I continue to really enjoy driving this Vanquish VS4-10 Pro. I had the two fastest times of the day, but didn’t win because I did hit two gates. There were a couple that made it without hitting any gates. There was one descent that got me both times I tried and the tumble led to the gate 😂. I guess I need to learn to slow down and not crash into gates. But regardless of my impatience, the JConcepts landmines tires continue to impress me and the sensored Spektrum Firma gives me great controlled power. You all know I dig my Reefs Servos. More important than how my RC or I did…is that the event was great.

Dominic didn’t want to compete, so he ran his SCX24 and then we stopped to put on some new wheels and tires we bought him there. Made his C10 look even cooler.

Main components of my RC in this video:

Vanquish VS4-10 Pro:

Spektrum Firma Sensored ESC/Motor Combo:

Reefs RC 422HD V2 Servo:

JConcepts Landmines Tires:

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