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Great New S155 Entry Level Smart Charger From Spektrum

Brand: Spektrum RC

Product: S155 G2 Charger

Company: Horizon Hobby

Price: $59.99

Buy an S155 from Horizon Hobby:

Finding your first LiPo charger can be a daunting task. Yes...I know that these chargers charge more than LiPo batteries, but let's be honest...most people are using them to charge LiPo batteries. Now that I met my quota for using the word LiPo in the first two sentences, let's talk about the new Spektrum S155 G2 Smart Charger. It has Smart in the name, but it can also charge "not so smart" batteries from other brands as well. It's actually a very capable charger that can charge 1s-4s LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion/LiHV batteries and 1-12S NiMH/NiCd packs at up to 5.0 Amps using it's 55 Watts of charging prowess. Rarrrgh!

For those of you that do use Spektrum Smart batteries, you get the ease of auto-start charging with your Smart battery, but also full control over your battery settings through the detailed menu system. But don't be fooled by it's capabilities, it looks good too. Check out that color display that guides you through it's intuitive menu system normally reserved for chargers 2x its price.

At $60, this charger doesn't break the bank, but it will help you have the power you need to break your RC cars. So charge up those batteries and send it to the moon my friends.


  • Advanced, user-friendly Smart G2 charging technology that fits into any hobby budget

  • Delivers 55W of charging power

  • Includes selectable IC3® and IC5® charging ports — no separate adapters required

  • Charges AND balances Smart G2 batteries with one simple IC3® or IC5® connection — no separate balance lead needed

  • Charges up to 4S LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion/LiHV batteries and 1-12S NiMH/NiCd packs

  • Color LCD screen interface features intuitive menus, icons, and navigation tools

  • Clock counts down remaining charge time until your Smart battery is fully charged and ready to use

  • Charges virtually any RC battery (use Smart batteries to benefit from all charger features)

  • Auto Charge recognizes Smart battery charging parameters and starts charging automatically when connected

  • USB input for updating firmware

  • Sleep mode

  • Detachable power cord

  • Sleek, sturdy case fits well on your workbench and in pit/field bags

Description: Smart Charging Technology Every Modeler Can Afford

The Spektrum™ S155 charger makes advanced, user-friendly Smart G2 charging technology affordable for any RC hobbyist. It's a particularly fine choice for cost-conscious new drivers and pilots who want the safe and simple operation that only a Smart charger can provide.

Compatible with 4S LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, or LiHV batteries as well as 1-12S NiMH and NiCd packs, the 55-watt S155 charger can be used with all popular RC battery types (though only Smart batteries take full advantage of the charger's innovative features). It includes ports for IC3® and IC5® connectors, so no separate adapters are needed to charge most Smart batteries. Generation 2 Smart technology enables the S155 to both charge and balance Smart G2 batteries using one simple connection. No separate balance lead is needed. When connected to a Smart battery, its Auto Charge feature recognizes the correct charging parameters instantly and begins safe, proper charging — automatically.

In order to provide the most hassle-free charging experience, the Spektrum™ S155 Smart G2 AC Charger includes a color LCD screen with improved menus, icons, and navigation tools. Its intuitive interface allows users to monitor charging progress and make setting changes with ease. An on-screen clock counts down the minutes in real time until your Smart battery is fully charged and ready to use.

When it's time to update the charger firmware, that's easy, too. A USB input port is conveniently located on the front of the case. No special cables are required.

Other handy features of the Spektrum™ S155 Smart G2 AC Charger include a sleep mode and detachable AC power cord. Enjoy your hobby more with the benefits of advanced, user-friendly Smart G2 charging technology — now available at a price to please any modeler!

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