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RC Drag In Your Hallway! Team Associated Announces The New DR28 Drag Race Car

The No Prep RC Drag scene has been exploding with popularity the last couple years and Team Associated was the first to market with a Ready-To-Run DR10 no prep RC. They are back at it again with their latest announcement–the DR28 1:28 scale 2wd RTR Drag Race Car. It will be available August of 2021 to kick start your hallway drag race fun!

Pre-order your DR28: CLICK HERE

The DR28 will be ready to race out of the box–after charging it, of course. The integrated LiPo battery is charged by plugging it into the controller and will be fully charged in under an hour. The transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries that are included, so you can literally buy two of them on your lunch break to take back to the office for some afternoon 47-foot drag race fun–with your boss' permission. (47ft is a 1:28 scale 1/4 mile).

The Team Associated press release for it mentions "navigating around, through and over obstacles with ease," but at it's size and ground clearance I'm not so sure it will go over many things–but it's a drag car and doesn't really need to anyway.

The MSRP pricing on these is $87.99, but the MAP price is $59.99 which may help them fly off of shelfs and across wood floors pretty quickly.

To visit the Team Associated Product Page CLICK HERE



  • Everything included in the box--just charge and go!

  • Drag car-inspired body and wheels

  • 2.4GHz 2-channel radio with integrated charger

  • Integrated ESC/Receiver unit

  • Integrated proportional servo

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